Interview Laust Sonne (Mai 2015)

Mai 20th, 2015 | By Redaktion

credits: Morten rygaard

credits: Morten rygaard

Einigen wird Laust Sonne vielleicht als Drummer der dänischen Rockband D-A-D bekannt sein. Neu für viele dürfte die Information sein, dass Laust auch seit geraumer Zeit als Solokünstler unterwegs ist. Nun ist der Zeitpunkt für Laust gekommen, seine Musik in Deutschland vorzustellen, abseits seiner Heimat Dänemark.

Wir haben mit Laust anlässlich seiner vorab EP-Veröffentlichung „Classic Relations“ ein Interview geführt und sind schon ganz gespannt auf das eigentliche Album-Release „Relations“ im Sommer 2015.

1.) First congratulations to your new release „classic relations“.

Laust Sonne: Thank You!

I was wondering that you had the time to work on your own solo stuff, because you were a lot on the road with your other band during the last year. When did you find the time for that?

Laust Sonne: I like to work a lot. I live and breathe music, and music is constantly spinning around in my head, so sometimes it´s actually a relief to get it out of my head and make it real! 

2.) This month you released a small ep with the title „classic relations“. Is there any reason, why you chose this three songs for unplugged versions?

Laust Sonne: All three songs on the EP are going to be singles taken from the forthcoming album “Relations”, and I use the EP as a sort of appetiser for what´s to come. I think all three songs are very strong in their own way, and I thought it was nice to show them in a different light than on the original production.

3.) Was it the first time for you to work with a string quartet?

Laust Sonne: It was. And it was a total joy! The string arranger and cello player on the EP, Pete Morrisson, is a very gifted arranger and player, and he caught the right vibe immediately. I´m very happy with the result.

4.) On may 22nd you’ll release your album „Relations“. What is the difference between your first cd „Laust Sonne“ and „Relations“ ?

Laust Sonne: The date has been changed. The album is due after summer. The new album has greater focus on the songwriting, whereas the first was more club-oriented. The lyrics are more personal this time, and there are more guitar and piano on the new album as well. It´s still very electronic, but I mixed it up with some more organic instruments as well. But the main difference is the songwriting. It´s more personal.

5.) The video of your song „on the radio“ was produced in Berlin. Why did you choose the german capital for the video shoot? Did you know director Dino Fetzer before? 

Laust Sonne: Berlin has always had a special place in the heart of the artists, I think. So many great things has come out of that place. It´s a place where you go and realise your dreams as an artist, where you find yourself. Bowie, Iggy Pop… That´s the myth anyway… And I love the energy of the city! All sorts of people live there, side by side, and it creates this special feeling for me. Berlin is Europe´s  London.

I hooked up with the amazing Dino Fetzer through a mutual friend. I never actually met him before we started planning the video, but I immediately liked his approach and his ideas. He has the mind of a true artist! I´m a big fan of his. We have plans for the future, for sure!

6.) Why it’s so important for you to make your own solo stuff beside the band stuff with D-A-D ?

Laust Sonne: To me, music is like food, in a way. If you keep eating the same food every day, even though you love that kind of food, eventually you´ll get bored with that food and start craving for something else. I feel that way with music. And I find it very inspiring to dive into different musical worlds. I always find something that I can bring back to my other musical worlds.

7.) A friend of mine, who’s musician too, said that „happiness is writing with white ink“. For him it’s difficult to write positive songs.

Is it easier to write about lovesickness, problems or doubts? What do you think?

Laust Sonne: Well, I think it´s difficult to write great songs, period. Whether happy or sad, you need to really hit the right spot, in order to make it appeal to other people than yourself. Sad songs can sometimes have a tendency to be too personal and not invite the listener in on the experience. Happy songs, on the other hand, can be just totally ridiculous! It´s not too easy, really… 

8.) Beside Denmark your focus is at the german music market. What’s the difference between the both markets in your opinion?

Laust Sonne: First of all, the German market is the 3rd biggest music market in the world. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that Denmark is NOT in the top 10 of that list!!! That gives the German market a big advantage in my mind:-) It means that there is room for many more artists, and many more different types of music in Germany. Denmark is very narrow in that respect, the different “niches” in music are so small in Denmark and the pop-market is overcrowded, so it feels like there´s too little space, too little money, not enough people etc…

9.) Any chances to hear Laust Sonne with „relations“ live in 2015? 

Laust Sonne: Yes! Hopefully I will go on a german tour during the fall of 2015, when the album is out. That is definitely my plan.

10.) How would you describe the music of Laust Sonne in only three words?

Laust Sonne: Modern Pop w Heart

Wer noch nicht in die Solokünste von Laust Sonne reingehört hat, sollte sein Video zu „On the Radio“ checken.

Wie Laust Sonne unplugged in Begleitung eines String-Orchesters klingt? Hört und seht selbst:

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