Review: D-A-D at FZW, Dortmund 30/04/2010

Mai 3rd, 2010 | By Sarah

My D-A-D review of the concert at 30th april in dortmund:

The Mindfuck Members Thomas, Melanie, Wiebke, David and myself decided to visit our beloved danish guys on april 30th in Dortmund. There was the Rock Hard Festival Warm Up Show with D-A-D and two other Heavy Metal Bands. I forgot the names, but that’s unimportant, because the music was horrible….bad support bands for the fantastic headliner from denmark.
D-A-D started at 10:15 pm with „ride my train“ and the crowd was so in love with the four guys, who made such a great start up. During the show, Jesper was a lot of times totally flashed of the german crowd, i think we were nearly so good this night as the danish fans.. 😉
I think some fans of denmark were there in dortmund too, because in the front row was a danish flag during the concert – nice support symbol ! At last the flag was on stage and Troels put them to the backline of Stig.
Lot of times I had eye contact with Jacob „Cobber“ Binzer – it was so funny. I’m so ardent in his guitar playing – I wished he could play the whole night…it so amazing when Cobber played his solos at „sleeping my day away“ or „laugh and a half“. In that times, the world could stop…My personal highlight on this show was „nineteen hundred and yesterday“ – it’s my favorite d-a-d song after the typical classics as „sleeping..“ or „grow or pay“ …Jacob played the guitar solo in front of me and I started to rock again – thanks for that Cobber.
„It’s after dark“ was the last song at this night and I was the lucky dog, which got Cobbers Pick and Lausts drum stick – yeah!
After the fantastic show, we met the guys and the crew in front of the backstage entry. A small crowd of fans, maybe ten, were also there and the band made a lot of pictures and sign autographs. From Kasper we got the backstage passes of the crew, this was a nice gift for us. We contacted Abbe for the night plan and decided to continue the celebrating with the band in the centre of Dortmund.
Laust, Abbe, Stig and Kasper were with us – really sad that I didn’t meet Cobber again, I think I had to talk with him a lot of „Mindfuck Society“, because he likes my shirt ,that I was worn during the concert. 😉

The setlist from Dortmund:

Ride my train
A good day
Road below me
Everything glows
Lawrence of Sub
Grow or pay
Riding with Sue
Beautiful Together
Monster Philosophy
Bad Craziness
Marlboro Man
Sleeping my day away
Laugh and a half
It’s after dark

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