Der W – Band: Review 2009 with JC Dwyer

Januar 3rd, 2010 | By Sarah

I proudly present you a new interview with the amazing „Der W“ drummer JC Dwyer.
I asked JC some short questions about the last year ,which was a fantastic experience for „Der W“.

Ich bin stolz euch ein neues Interview mit dem wunderbaren „Der“-W Drummer JC Dwyer zu präsentieren.
Ich befragte JC mit einigen kurzen Fragen zum letzten Jahr, dass für die W-Band eine fantastische Erfahrung gewesen ist.

1.) Finally you’re a part of the W-Band and you can look back on a successful year with a lot of concerts. First the Headline-Tour, which was sold out, than a lot of festivals during the summer period and finally nine support shows fort the legendary band motorhead.
When you look with a little distance, do you have a final conclusion of this year?
JC Dwyer: Yeh, it was a great year in every way. Very successful AND very enjoyable. I have no complaints at all…great bunch of people to work with AND hang with.
2.) Before you were a part of the W-Band, you gain a lot of experience in playing live shows with Pro Pain. Is it now a different feeling to be on stage with the W-Band?
JC Dwyer: Well, for starters, Pro-Pain’s stage is about 100 x louder!!!! Beyond that, they’re 2 very different vibes. Pro-Pain’s show is more about in-your-face aggression, non-stop. The band has an intensity onstage that is pretty amazing, and always has been. W’s show is more of a Rock vibe, with more dynamics, little bit more breathing room, so to speak. For me, it has more of an old-school 70’s Rock kinda feel, where the set is like a nice „ride,“ complete with Ballads and Solos!
3) After the Leaving of Rupert Keplinger, The W-Band has only four members. Was there a creation of a „new“ sound after this case? If yes, how would you describe this sound? In my opinion it sounded  live a little bit different without Rupert.
JC Dwyer: It’s more of a raw, vibey Rock-n-Roll band now. Little less perfection, LOT more attitude. And in my experience, attitude is worth more, especially live.
4) In 2009 you had enough time to get to know your band-colleagues closer. On Tour it’s possible that you have to hang up with your colleagues 24 hours.  How would you describe your band-colleagues? Are there any characteristic features of them?

JC Dwyer: I’d say that Henning is the most laid-back guy in the bunch. He has more of a „sly“ sense of humor. Dirk and I are similar in a lot of ways, we crack the same kinda jokes, have a similar look, and even have almost the same laugh! Stephan has a very „royal“ way of carrying himself…when he walks into a room, you know it. We’re all just kinda like different peices of the puzzle.

5) What do you think about Stephan’s part of leadsinger and guitarist? He does his new job well?
JC Dwyer: Yeh, he really stepped up and made it happen. I like having him on guitar, and he seems to be settling into it nicely. I also like the dynamic of him playing on some songs, and then just singing on some songs. It keeps things interesting.
6) At last, your wishes for 2010?
JC Dwyer: Well, we start working on a new record soon. I have high hopes for that, I think it’s gonna be very exciting. And new record equals back on the Road, which is where I feel most at Home. So it should be a good year!!!

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  1. Kirstin sagt:

    JC – Du bist ´ne geile Rocksau 🙂

    Hau rein und bleib laut!!!

    LG Kirstin

  2. Mein Name sagt:

    Näh is schon ein geiler Typ, checkt mein YT Account

  3. Basti sagt:

    Ich stand schon neben ihm 🙂 Vorm Konzert in Köln… mittags um 2 ist er da rum gelaufen.. sau geil^^

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