Bandfeature #6 – Laust Sonne (D-A-D)

Juni 21st, 2009 | By Sarah

Auch Laust Sonne, der Drummer der dänischen Rockband D-A-D widmete sich unseren Fragen zur Tour des W 2009. Vielen Dank dafür noch mal an Laust.

1.) Which concert was the best for you on the tour? Do you have a personal top three?

Laust Sonne: I think Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover were the best gigs for me. The best response from the audience (you!!) and the best performances…
2.) Is there a particularly beautiful or funny story on the tour you remember?

Laust Sonne: I think hanging out with Stephan and the band was really nice. We had some great party-moments in Köln and Hamburg for instance, and playing „Sleeping“ on stage with Der W was weird, funny and cool…

3.) What song of der W do you like the most?

Laust Sonne: I like the one that Cobber (Jacob Binzer) plays on the most.

4.) Is there a funny story or personal with fans?

Laust Sonne: I met you and your friend in Hannover, in the train-station in the morning!!!
And I must say the german audiences are so cool, so dedicated to their favorite band. Dancing, singing, chanting, listening, po-go-ing!!! Amazing!!

5.) Is there a concert which was not as good as the others?

Laust Sonne: In Kiel everybody was kind of rusty after a day off in the sun…

6.) Which location was the best?

Laust Sonne: Grosse Freiheit in Hamburg is legendary and cool!! I loved it!!

7.) Which location was the ugliest?

Laust Sonne: Frankfurt, maybe… most of the places were nice, though…

8.) Your personal conclusion of the tour with der W?

Laust Sonne: I had a great time… The peoples response to our music was great, even though they didn´t know it beforehand (thanks to Stephan for introducing us EVERY night, that meant a lot!), and Der W and their crew were totally cool to us!! We couldn´t have wished for more!!!

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