Tourfeature Tour 2009: JC Dwyer

Mai 23rd, 2009 | By Sarah

Wir kommen heute zum Abschluss des Bandfeature Specials der Mindfuck Society. J.C. Dwyer, Schlagzeuger der W-Bandist der letzte Kandidat der sich unserem kurzen Fragebogen im Rückblick auf die W-Tour 2009 gestellt hat.
Vielen Dank an J.C. oder wie es Stephan Weidner so schön sagte: “Thanks J.C. – it’s great to having you on board!”

1.) Which concert was the best for you on the tour? Do you have a personal top three?

J.C. Dwyer: I hate to give the obvious answer, but my favorite show was Frankfurt, as I expected. Biggest crowd, nice warm reception, we played really well. My top 3 would probably be Frankfurt, Berlin and Köln.

2.) Is there a particularly beautiful or funny story on the tour you remember?

J.C. Dwyer: There were a LOT of good times along the way, everyone had fun together. But What I’ll always remember most is getting ALL of D-A-D and Der-W Band onstage together for our “big-band” version of their classic, “Sleeping My Day Away,” it was killer!! Been playing music a long time, and that’s probably the funnest thing I’ve gotten to do…with my clothes ON, at least…;-)

3.) What song did you prefer playing live?

J.C. Dwyer: My favorites are “Waffen und Neurosen” “Stille Tage Im Klichee” und “Passt Gut Auf Euch Auf.”

4.) Is there a funny story or personal with fans?

J.C. Dwyer: Yeh, in Innsbruck, I got in a car with some friends and fans to take a cruise for awhile, and the backseat was singing “Hier kommpt JC, Zwo, Drei!!” It was hilarious.

5.) Is there a concert which was not as good as the others?

J.C. Dwyer: Yeh, Bremen. The venue was cool, just NOT set up for the production we had. The ceiling almost fell down, less than half of the crowd could actually see the band. And, Henning had lots of technical problems that night, which always kinda messes with the momentum of the show.

6.) Which location was the best?

J.C. Dwyer: Frankfurt, Ballsporthalle

7.) Which location was the ugliest?

J.C. Dwyer: the venue in Osnabruck where the barrier almost collapsed.

8.) Do you have wishes for the next tour?

J.C. Dwyer: I hope we can hit bigger places, and I hope it goes as smoothly as this one, what an AWESOME bunch of people to roll with!

9.) Your personal conclusion of the tour?

J.C. Dwyer: I think the tour was a big success, in more ways than we expected. We knew the crowds were gonna be good, it was sold out well in advance. We knew everyone would do their job well, we’re all professionals. But to see the way 5 guys became a band, and particularly to see how naturally Stephan grew into the new Singer role, were both really cool. Can’t wait to see what we do next!

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