Tourfeature 2009: Gary Meskil

Mai 18th, 2009 | By Sarah

Gary Meskil von Pro Pain stellte sich ebenfalls unserem kleinen Fragenkatalog und erzählte aus seiner Sicht von der Tour des W 2009.

1.) Which concert was the best for you on the tour? Do you have a personal top three?

Gary Meskil: I enjoyed all of the concerts almost equally. I think that our performances were quite consistent, and that the fans consistently enjoyed those performances for the most part……even though our music is of a “heavier” variety than “Der-W”. However, if I had to pick three that I enjoyed the most, I would have to say: Stuttgart Longhorn, Pratteln Z7 (2nd night), Saarbrucken Congress Centrum.

2.) Is there a particularly beautiful or funny story on the tour you remember?

Gary Meskil: hmmmm……..not so much beautiful as funny. Anyone who has been on tour with us can tell you that there is never a dull moment. Lots of fun, all the time. We’ll leave the rest to the imagination.

3.) What live song of Der W do you like the most?

Gary Meskil: Probably “Meine Bester Feind”. In my opinion, it’s the most energetic rock n’ roll song on the album, and so it translates very well in a live setting.

4.) Is there a funny story or personal with fans?

Gary Meskil: Aside from trying to outrun them from time to time (hehe), we are very close with our fans. We always try to spend some time with them at each concert, and we are known for being very down to earth and approachable. Just don’t piss us off (haha).

5.) Is there a concert which was not as good as the others?

Gary Meskil: From a performance perspective, I don’t thing so. Our best time of each day on the “W” tour was the time that we were onstage. I don’t think we had a bad gig, but that’s just my opinion.

6.) Which location was the best?

Gary Meskil: For me, probably Z7 in Pratteln because we have so many friends there….and friends that work there as well. So, it’s a very relaxing and professional venue which is always a pleasure to play!!

7.) Which location was the ugliest?

Gary Meskil: I believe that would be Mannheim @ Maimarkt. It looked like an airplane hangar, and it sounded like one as well. The crowd was great, which made it all worthwhile, but the venue had no personality and was very “sterile”. Like a hospital of sorts.

8.) Your personal conclusion of the tour with der W?

Gary Meskil: Overall, I feel that the “W” tour was a success for us, and the crowds were very kind and enthusiastic. We hope to have made some new fans. As for Stephan & his band, we thank them for inviting us to play on their tour and we wish them all the best!!

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